Pagans and Sex History

The history of sexuality and sexual practices among pagans is complex and varied, as paganism encompasses a wide range of beliefs and traditions from different cultures and historical periods. However, here are some general points to consider:

  1. Acceptance of Sexuality: Many pagan traditions have a positive and accepting attitude towards sexuality and the human body. This can be seen in the worship of goddesses and gods associated with fertility and sexual pleasure.
  2. Sacred Sexuality: In some pagan traditions, sexuality is seen as a sacred act that is intimately tied to spirituality. For example, in some forms of Wicca, the sexual act is considered a sacred union between two people and a way to connect with the divine.
  3. Diversity of Beliefs: There is significant diversity among pagan beliefs and practices when it comes to sexuality. Some pagan traditions are more liberal and open-minded, while others may be more conservative or restricted in their views on sexuality.

It’s important to note that the historical practices of pagans have evolved over time and may have been influenced by the dominant cultural attitudes of their respective time periods. The pagan tradition is also not a monolithic entity and different traditions may have very different attitudes towards sexuality and sexual practices.