Horus son god holidays

Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis in ancient Egyptian mythology, and he was not associated with any specific holiday. However, various festivals and celebrations were held in honor of Horus throughout the year in different regions of Egypt. These festivals celebrated different aspects of Horus, including his role as the sky god, his protection of the pharaoh, and his role in the daily cycle of the sun.

One of the most important festivals honoring Horus was the Feast of Horus, which was celebrated in the city of Edfu. During this festival, Horos was honored as the sun god and was depicted in a series of rituals and celebrations that honored his power over the sky and his role in the daily cycle of the sun.

Other festivals honoring Horus included the Feast of the Valley, which celebrated his role as the protector of the pharaoh, and the Festival of the Beautiful Reunion, which celebrated the reunion of Horus and Osiris.

While Horus was not associated with any specific holiday, his legacy has been incorporated into various other beliefs and practices, and he remains an important figure in ancient Egyptian religion and mythology.