The Etruscans were an ancient civilization that flourished in central Italy from the 8th to the 3rd century BCE. They are known for their advanced culture and sophisticated art, architecture, and technology.

The Etruscans are believed to have originally migrated to Italy from the eastern Mediterranean region, and they established a number of powerful city-states in central Italy, including Rome, Veii, and Tarquinia. They were skilled metalworkers, potters, and traders, and their civilization was known for its rich artistic traditions and highly developed system of governance.

The Etruscan language is unrelated to any other known language, and it remains largely undeciphered. However, the Etruscans were heavily influenced by the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, and many aspects of Etruscan culture, including their art and religion, show strong Greek and Roman influences.

The Etruscan civilization declined and was eventually absorbed into the Roman Republic in the 3rd century BCE. However, the legacy of the Etruscans has had a lasting impact on the culture and history of Italy and the wider Mediterranean region.